Getting Hooked with Nescafe Creamylatte

Nescafe Creamylatte

Never in my life that I would indulge my taste buds to a mug of coffee. And not just one mug, but two mugs per day. I didn’t understand why my parents love coffee so much that they would consider having it every morning. Well, maybe not just my parents but to most people as well. They would say that it’s a good way to start the day, which literally sound like some ad catch phrase. I tasted it once, and I didn’t understand why people love it! Not until one day when I took a sip of this Creamy Latte.

It was during our seminar that started at 7am and the food committee offered Bread, Eggs and Coffee for breakfast. It was much like of a perfect breakfast for them, but not for me. I got used to have milk every morning, of which I normally have for the past 23 years, thank you very much. There was no single sachet of milk offered so I had no choice but to try that coffee in a sachet.

I am not trying to advertise or anything but Nescafe Creamylatte changed my thoughts about coffee. It was the Best Coffee I ever tasted. It made me alert, it made me think of new things when it comes to work, especially mine where I am in an advertising field where new ideas is a must.

As I write this article, sipping on some Nescafe Creamylatte, Kudos to whoever made this mix. I simply love it!

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