“What a journey it has been…”

“What a journey it has been…”

So as a Lea Salonga song goes. Living my life for two years in the Queen City of the South, getting away from the medical profession and doing what I did best (or so I thought), getting all the wants that I never had in my whole existence, from fancying someone to getting involved in a rough blaze, from being one-day millionaire to ‘pineapple ting-bits’ days, from chatting about our calls to doing some ninja moves with our ‘magic fingers’, from all of the downs but tons of Ups, it was indeed an incredible journey.

Admittedly, I was raised being dependent. My decision to leave my hometown to explore miles away was a bit of a shocker, at first. Standing on my own was frightening, but getting away from the nursing books, white uniforms, and epistaxic medical terms is pure happiness. Although I finished this nursing degree, it was never my dream ever since. It was nice not to get stuck in my room and end up drawing all my frustrations in a stack of notebooks and scraps of paper. My journey to Cebu opened a lot of windows and opportunities. The problem is, my medical background is not qualified for the jobs that I’ve been yearning my whole life. Like most of the nursing graduates, I ended up in the BPO industry, thinking that this could be my field, but it’s not. However, I made friends. I was extremely happy. It’s ironic to think that I get a lot of friends away from home, and got few ones back in my hometown.

I get to write some blogs, run a podcast that eventually topped the iTunes Charts, hosting with some of the admins of the biggest Britney Spears fan site in the Philippines, and just lately, getting in the advertising world. Obviously, I’m good in media-related. If only I could explore my crafts into that field, I could lie in my deathbed with a smile.

If I were to write my whole away-from-home journey, it would take more than just a blog, and a bucket of tears. I guess the only way to remember them is to listen to some songs that would remind me of my Cebu friends, my unforgettable on-the-job moments, and happiest night-outs.


I am physically home, but I left my heart in the Queen City of the South. Till then, Cebu.


Convergys Wave 221


ePerformax Days



Aegis-Chase Days



The Property Specialist – SE Realty Days

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