Biting Zedd’s New Video, “CLARITY”

One of my favorite EDM (Electronic Dance Music) artists just released his latest music video. He’s one of the producers of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” album, and also the upcoming LP “Artpop”, and one of the writers of Justin Bieber’s smash hit, “Beauty And The Beat”. I am talking about Zedd, of course! One I must call a genius when it comes to EDM, and my most preferred EDM artist.
His latest track, “Clarity” was released last January 11, 2013. It is his fourth single, and a follow up to his previous tracks, “Shave It”, “Spectrum”, and “Stache”. The track featured the vocals of Foxes, a musician from London and whose real name is Louisa Rose Allen. The music video features Foxes, driving in a freeway, and met an accident with some stranger, and eventually (and magically?) woke up in a mystical cave in a desert.  It also has some cameo shots or appearances of Zedd, himself.
I consider the video very attractive and every scene matches every beat and thump of the track. It was a video well made, although I expected more scenes with Zedd in it, but it’s ok.

Take a bite of Zedd’s new music video, “Clarity” featuring Foxes:

What do you think of the music video? Was it cool, or just a waste of time?
Bite Marks: 4 out of 5

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