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Re-Tasting “I’m Gonna Getcha Good” by Shania Twain

Our ears also have its sense of taste, especially when it comes to music. Either it’s too sweet to handle, too sour and tangy, too bitter to savor, too salty (?) to take, or savory enough. The music of the Late 90’s to Early 2000’s is considered savory. It comes with all tastes that make it pleasingly savory for our ears to feed and for our minds to consume.

There’s no denying that I loved the music of the Late 90’s to Early 2000’s Era, where R&B, Pop, Rock, and Country dominate the music charts. I have loved the Destiny’s Child Era, the Hybrid Theory Era, Country Pop Era, and of course the Teen Pop Era. I have managed to sort some memorable tracks from these Era’s and played it when I feel I want to saunter the memory lane.

So, while I had this playlist in shuffle, Shania Twain’s unruffled voice came in and the song “I’m Gonna Getcha Good” played. Released in 2002, I can still remember the futuristic music video, with robots and stuff, which doesn’t seem to connect well with the song, but lots of childhood memories comes into my mind when I get to hear it once more.

You? What comes in to your mind when you hear this song again?

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