HEART ATTACK: Who Sang It Better? Demi Lovato vs Nikki Williams

While we wait eagerly for Demi Lovato’s new music video for her latest single, “Heart Attack”, the demo version of the track surfaced the web. Sung by one of the writers, Nikki Williams belts out her vocal prowess as her version takes on a darker mode of the track, despite being just a demo. This demo features an electropop dance break which is not present in Lovato’s version.
Check out Nikki William’s version below (prepare your ears for an eargasmic break on 2:31):

Nikki Williams – Heart Attack (Download Here)

With that aside, who do you think sang it better? Demi Lovato or Nikki Williams?
For me, vocal wise, I go for Demi. But for the song’s dark aura, I go for Nikki.
What about you? Who sang it better?

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