Throwback Thursday: The World Is Not Enough by Garbage

It’s another Throwback Thursday! As the social media feed’s being flooded with glimpses of yesterday, I’m gonna join the bandwagon as I post my #ThrowbackThursday (forgive me for placing a hashtag).

This orchestral rock that I’m gonna share was released in 1999, as a theme for a James Bond film. Sung by Garbage, “The World Is Not Enough” tells about taking over the world lyrically, and as depicted also in the music video.

I remember I used to scare my 8-year-old sister that those scenes in the said music video would happen in the future. As a result, she is still scared of that track, even until now, whenever I play it randomly. Talk about childhood trauma, huh?

Anyways, relive the memories of 007: The World Is Not Enoughwith the film’s theme track by Garbage.

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