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What Revenge Smells Like… literally!

Smell the scent of Revenge… literally! “Double Infinity” is a fragrance line inspired from the hit TV show in ABC, “Revenge”, and this is probably the first time I heard that a show comes with a bottled perfume as one of its collectible merchandises.

The symbol and name of “Double Infinity” is based and heavily visible on the said TV series, as it was the main character, Amanda Clark (Emily Vancamp), and her father’s symbol for their love. 

Although I am not positive of the availability of the said perfume in the Philippines but it was already released last June 3rd through Kohl’s in US.

I’m no Perfume Critic, but I’m not quite sure with the bottle of it as I scan them through Kohl’s website, it doesn’t look that attractive to me. The color of the bottle may match to the show’s color and theme but the bottle design is completely bland to me.

But for sure, “Double Infinity” is on my list of the perfumes I want to try.
This women’s Revenge Double Infinity flirty citrus scent combines with jasmine and pink pepper for a mysterious scent that will linger throughout the day. Nobody can resist the scent of Revenge!

  • Perfume offers defined aromas of mint, lemon, orange, grapefruit, aquatic accord, jasmine sambac, peony, pink pepper, apple, cedar, labdanum, agave, amber and musk.

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