LISTEN: Work B***h by Britney Spears

The most anticipated single of the year is finally here. Britney Spears’ is back for a brand new era as her new single “Work Bitch” has been released. This is the first track from her upcoming 8th album, which is yet to be titled.

Produced by, and co-written by Spears herself, “Work Bitch” is a self-proclaimed club-banger hit. With every thump of the beat, it is undeniably something to groove on.

Undeniably a game changer in today’s EDM filled music charts, the new track features non-generic club bangin’ beats minus a signature catchy hook like what we usually hear whenever Britney’s releasing a new material or even any EDM-Pop track there is.

“Work Bitch” literally makes the whole Femme Fatale album, a mediocre and generic EDM-Pop album.

The single features Spears’ vocals, without the help of auto-tune, and even other background vocalists. It’s just pure Britney, working out.

Also, a British accent which she loves to play is heavily audible throughout the song.

Now, did do a great job? I can say, yes.

Do I like it? Yes!

Do I love it? Not really.

Although for me, it’s a 3.7 out of 5.

Britney fans, however, seems to love it!




Go ahead and check out “Work Bitch” and tell us what you think.

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