Who Sang It Better? Miley Cyrus vs. Cher

After a few short weeks of having no laptop (and proper internet connection) to write on, it definitely feels good to be back. While I was away (off the online world), tons of new songs and albums came out, and I only got a few of them on hand, like, Katy Perry’s new single, Unconditionally, which is really beautiful and Avril Lavigne’s incredible new track, Let Me Go, with Chad Kroeger, and other new tracks as well.

It seems like there’s an ongoing battle of ballads as the year’s about to end. As mentioned, Perry’s Unconditionally comes face-to-face with Avril Lavigne’s Let Me Go, plus the ongoing power of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball, and Britney’s upcoming ballad, Perfume. Of course, the veterans in music will never say die as Cher, also releases her second single which is a ballad. And surprisingly, it is a cover of a Miley Cyrus song!

Following the release of Woman’s World, “I Hope You Find It” is Cher’s follow-up from her new album “Closer To The Truth”. It is originally sung by Miley Cyrus for her 2010 romantic drama film “The Last Song” with her then-beau Liam Hemsworth. It is indeed unlikely to hear Cher singing a cover of a young pop-star  but will she do justice to the said track? Let’s check it out:
Miley Cyrus – I Hope You Find It

CHER – I Hope You Find It

You all must be thinking I’m nuts for comparing the vocals of these two songstresses. I’m gonna say I will push this through and will compare the vocal styling of Cyrus and Cher ON THIS TRACK.

Miley Cyrus’ vocal ability is indeed good (thanks to Hannah Montana experiences). In this track, she clearly has a signature gist of a teen-slash-country tone which is far different from Taylor Swift’s or even Shania Twain’s but still leaving that certain Hannah Montana mark.

Cher’s iconic vocal pitch is pure EPIC on this track. It’s like there’s a strong vocal foundation of her voice to this song which makes it work for her.
It may seem unfair to compare this track to Wrecking Ball, but Cyrus’ delivery on this track sounds like there’s less heart in it. Both songs (I Hope You Find Itand Wrecking Ball) are all about heartaches, but I felt a strong connection of Miley and Wrecking Ball rather than with I Hope You Find It.

If you get to listen closely to Cher’s You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me(from Burlesque, another ballad)  she sang it in a different mood, giving you a different vibe of the song which you can really connect to. There were less “Ooh”s and “Baby” compared to Cyrus, of which I think was really good, for me to connect well to the track.
I felt a strong bond of Cher’s vocals to this track rather than with Miley’s.  Listening to it with Miley’s voice sounds like a regular ballad, a reminiscent of When I Look At You (which she sang oh-so-beautifully).
However, with Cher’s, I felt connected to the song even though I am not heartbroken or having love problems at all. I can feel the pain as what the host implies, and I can say that it made the song very emotional.
So who sang “I Hope You Like It” better? My heart says CHER.

What do you think? Who sang it better?

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