Britney Glory

Glory Be To Britney: An Album Review

Glory Britney
What better way to say “It’s Britney B****” is to have 17 awesome tracks in one album.

Since her infamous breakdown, every Britney Spears’ album release has always deemed as a comeback, when in fact, she was just around (in Las Vegas particularly, enjoying her residency show for more than two years now).
Recently, Queen Spears released her new (critically acclaimed) album GLORY and I know… I am weeks late to do a reaction video or a blog review about it.
So here it goes!
The album sets it off with Invitation, a track with an Enya-esque vibe.
Comparing it to her previous releases, this is the first album she had where the first single is not a dance track. The thought of that surprises us and gave us a sneak peek of the album: a unique, experimental, melodic, and an “artsy-fartsy” album.
Oh, we’ve all heard Make Me. The album’s carrier single, and the only track with a featured artist. If you ask me, this is a good yet weak track. The beats and melody are good but it’s not up to par with her previous carrier singles.
P.S. G-Eazy is hot! Not gon say negative about him.
This next track is my least fave. Why? Private Show’s got a great tune but we’ll just leave it as a song for a perfume of the same name. I am unsure of how she handled her vocals here but it sounds like she has a cold or something.
Man On The Moon. Legend. One of my top favorite songs. I love how catchy it is and how it can be used in some cheesy romantic drama. I love extra cheesy songs, and this is one of ‘em. Cheesy yet the beats are up to date.
And oh, she speaks French in some parts of the song. That alone was a shocker.
A few weeks before the album release, a snippet of Just Luv Me leaked and liked it. When I heard the entire song, I fell in love with it.
I don’t get why some of the fans are disappointed with Clumsy. It’s good as a promotional track, and let’s leave it as that. Yeah, it’s not a great track but it’s good enough to serve as a promotional single.
This next track’s got Britney all over it. Do You Wanna Come Over is a signature Britney song with sex-filled lyrics, vocals, and adlibs. It sounds like it belongs to Blackout, her previous critically-acclaimed album. It’s dark, yet poppy.
Slumber Party should have been the carrier single. It starts off as a mysterious lonely track and progresses into a cool, urban vibe on its chorus, making you wanna move. The formula of this song is perfect and radio-friendly.
OK. There’s Just Luv Me, and there’s Just Like Me. Don’t be fooled. They’re a complete opposite. Just Like Me starts with a guitar strums and progresses into a hypnotic, upbeat chorus as Britney sings “She looks Just Like Me / Just Like Me/ No I just can’t believe”
Now, here’s a Britney I remember from 2001. Her vocals from I’m A Slave 4 U days are still the same as she sing-rap her verses in Love Me Down. Kinda reminds me of Gwen Stefani, tbh.
The journey of Britney’s artsy-fartsy album becomes evident with Hard To Forget Ya. A song which is definitely not a typical Britney track.
Now this is one of the shocker tracks of the album. What You Need depicts Britney as a power vocalist, that can have Christina Aguilera a run for her money. It sounds like it was meant for Christina’s Back To Basics album. It’s on fire, tbh!
Fire, you say? The deluxe edition of the album starts off with Better, which is a certified radio hit! It’s a typical Justin Bieber / Rihanna / Drake song but in the hands of Britney Spears!
Why not include it in Standard Edition? Well, this one would be better as one of the bonus tracks, since we know that Britney’s not the type where she will release a single with beats similar to another artist. And I think it’s a genius plan.
People are calling it as one of Britney’s most diverse album, and I can see why. Change Your Mind sounds like it’s meant for Shakira ‘coz she can definitely pull it off with this track!
We’ll take you back to bubblegum pop of the early 2000s with Liar. This one’s got a twist of pop and country, making it so cool to blast it on the radio along with Bye Bye Bye from NSYNC!
I don’t know if you’ve heard of Bye Bye Bye/Liar mashup, but you have to listen to it. It’s legit!
Did somebody say “Dance Challenge”? Well, this track can be used in a dance challenge. If I’m Dancing is perfect! This is definitely my top favorite track on the album.
After listening to this song, I now get it why critics called this album her most adventurous album to date. Britney Spears sang a whole song in FRENCH! Coupure Electrique or Blackout, is a French song! Glory Be To Britney!
Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
 This is the Britney Spears album we’ve been dying to hear. This is the Britney Spears album we, die-hard Britney Army, deserve. We are happy to hear her unfiltered and non-autotuned voice after how many album releases.


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