Google Maps for Philippine Local Businesses
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2 Reasons Why Philippine Local Businesses Should Care About Google Maps

In today’s modern times, understanding the need to go digital is essential for all businesses.

Gone are the days where it’s ok to put up a business and ignore all the hullabaloos on the digital world in dealing with your business. Today, going online or digital is a must for small to large businesses.

And nope, we’re not just talking about websites and social media, but we’re taking it to the full extent and include maps online, like Google Maps. It is certainly a go-to app when it comes to finding relevant business locations and getting directions.

So, how does Google Map gather data? Various individuals around the world are allowed to share information about roads, places, directions to the pre-existing maps that they know.

Local Guides Adding Businesses on Google Maps

Local Guides adding local businesses on Google Maps

Local Guides adding local businesses on Google Maps

Local Guides adding local businesses on Google Maps
Local Guides adding local businesses on Google Maps
By sharing information about the places you know, like businesses in your town or roads in your area, you can ensure that the map accurately reflects the world around you. Your updates will be reviewed and then can appear on the map.

You can add and edit many different things on the map, including:

  • Places, like businesses, addresses, and other locations
  • Roads, railways, and paths
  • Natural features, like beaches
  • Political features, like your city limits or nearby locality
  • Building outlines for towers, monuments, and more

Here in the Philippines, there are tons of businesses that are wapakels (don’t care) about Google Maps. So, why should businesses care about Google Maps?  Here’s why:




Google Maps for Philippine Local Businesses

By being visible on the map, not only you get chances of getting more visibility for your business, but you are also reaching out to your potential customers. Businesses and Google Maps go hand in hand – it is the simplest way to gain visibility on any social platform.

One customer might be looking for something specific and when he/she checks online by googling it, search results will point it to your business, giving them directions on how to get there.

Local business benefit numerous times by Google Maps. The maps give an edge to a business by reducing the efforts to be visible on various platforms.


The Outlets At Pueblo Verde Google Reviews on Google Maps

Because it’s easier for your customers to write a review on Google Maps, it’s becoming even more important to manage reviews for your business success since these reviews have a direct impact not only on search rankings but also on consumers’ purchase decisions.

It is advisable to have business owners check their standing on Google Maps and claim their business for them to be able to edit certain information and respond to customer reviews.

You may be able to do that by visiting


There are so many ways new technology can affect our business in ways we have never even thought of! This is definitely one of them and we’re positive there’s more to come, especially in promoting local businesses here in the Philippines.

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