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Play or Skip: Shout Out To My Ex by Little Mix


There’s a cute pop track that’s been trending on my social media newsfeed, and it’s about Little Mix’ new track, Shout Out To My Ex. Should I play or skip?

The hottest girl group from the UK blasts a sassy message to their “ex’s”through this bop. Each member of Little Mix seems to be thinking about their own exes when singing their part. All four of the girls have exes, but most people think the whole track is about Zayn Malik because of his highly-publicized relationship with Perrie Edwards.


“Shout Out To My Ex” is the band’s carrier single for their new album, Glory Days.


Each of the groups’ members offers sarcastic thanks to the men for helping to make them who they are today—women who are totally over them and much stronger for it.

In a recent interview, the girls said:

“Shout Out to My Ex” is a song that we’re sure loads of people can relate to. It’s all about moving on after a relationship ends to bigger and better things, and leaving the past where it should be.

Now, should we play or skip? Listen to the track below:




It’s catchy, relatable, and fun to listen to. It’s a typical pop song that you should have in your pop playlists.



Here’s how I rate the tracks:






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