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4 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Sky

Sky Cable’s new entertainment plan is what we need and what we deserve.

Admit it. We all turn on our TV sets or log on to the internet after a hard day’s work. Truly all work and no play make our brains go awry. Entertainment has been our best buddy to perk ourselves up whenever we feel drained.

But sometimes, the limits of cable-only and internet-only plans in the market right now make our entertainment consumption inadequate and limited.

Well, not for long!

Our country’s leading cable operator Sky unveiled their latest offering to Cebuanos that will make us in awe as they unleash their newest product, One SKY, in Cebu to bring its superior brand of entertainment to more families.

SKY unleashes its newest products One SKY and SKYdirect in Cebu
SKY unleashes its newest products One SKY and SKYdirect in Cebu
Cebuanos can now enjoy the convenience and premium entertainment that will make you switch to One SKY. Here’s why:


Yep, you read it right. Uncapped! Say goodbye to your current dilemmas that you’ll reach your data limits. Sky Broadband’s internet connection is guaranteed unlimited! PLUS the high-speed connection enables families at home to stream shows seamlessly on multiple gadgets via SKY On Demand.



Di porket uso ang throwback, pati TV reception, pang-throwback din. Channels in Standard Definition (SD) are so last millennium. Nowadays, we want everything in HD! With Sky, you can have exclusive access to high definition channels like ABS-CBN HD, ANC HD, S+A HD, HBO HD, RTL-CBS Entertainment HD, Cartoon Network HD, and Disney HD, among others.

HD Channels in Sky
HD Channels available in OneSky


One SKY offers postpaid subscription plans starting at P1,599 per month with internet speeds ranging from 8 to 64 Mbps for unlimited home consumption paired with a strong lineup of cable TV channels. For families who are always on the go, mobile internet access via SKYmobi may also be added for as low as P499 per month.

One Sky is now in Cebu!
One Sky is now in Cebu!


Families also have the option to enhance their One SKY subscription plan by adding channels individually or in packs via SKY Select and availing of monthly pay-per-view offers. One SKY plans also grant subscribers exclusive access to HBO GO, HBO’s video-on-demand platform exclusively available in the Philippines through SKY, where viewers can explore HBO’s diverse show lineup including “Westworld” and “Game of Thrones” shortly after an episode premieres.

SkyDirect is now in Cebu!
Converged Products and Digital Division Head, Jerome Almirante, shows SkyMobi.
Living too far from the city? Well, you can still enjoy what SKY has to offer with, SKY DIRECT, SKY’s direct-to-home satellite pay TV service. Similar to SKYcable, SKYdirect showcases a mix of foreign and local cable channels including ABS-CBN HD, DZMM TeleRadyo, Knowledge Channel, Myx, Lifestyle, Tagalized Movie Channel (TMC), Nickelodeon, Warner TV HD, and TLC, among others. Options to subscribe to pay-per-view offerings are also available to SKYdirect subscribers as well as free monthly movie marathons. SKYdirect’s prepaid plans are available beginning at P99, while its postpaid plans start at P250.

Sky launches SKYDirect in Cebu!
Sky launches SKYDirect in Cebu!


SKY Cable Corporation is the first to introduce cable television to Filipinos in 1990. Since then, it has been a frontrunner in technology and cable TV content by being the first to design a highly customized viewing experience among subscribers and offering the most number of HD channels. Its properties now include SKYbroadband, SKY On Demand, and SKYdirect.

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