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My best 7.7 Budol: Huawei Freebuds SE

You guys have to check this out! This remarkable online budol I made on 7.7 has been worth every cent!

Huawei’s Freebuds SE are a solid pair of truly wireless earbuds. They’re not especially flashy, but they deliver on the essentials with a comfortable design that delivers good call quality, long battery life, and above-average sound quality. The price is right too.

Huawei Freebuds SE

What are Huawei Freebuds SE?

Huawei Freebuds SE are a pair of wireless earbuds that come with a charging case. You’ll find them in two color options: green and white, each priced at Php 2,499 but I got them for only Php 1899 during 7.7 Sale in Lazada.

The Huawei Freebuds SE are not the first pair of TWS (True Wireless Stereo) headphones I owned but they’re certainly one of the best options available right now if you want something similar but more affordable than Apple AirPods or Samsung Galaxy Buds.


Huawei Freebuds SE are an affordable pair of wireless earbuds that fit comfortably in the ear and offer a great sound. The buds have a sporty design, so you can wear them for gym sessions or running without worrying about sweat or water damage. They also come with a built-in microphone so you can take calls from your smartphone via Bluetooth.

The ergonomic design makes these headphones comfortable even when you’re wearing them for long periods of time.

Comfort and fit

These headphones are a great choice whether you’re working out or simply walking around the block. They weigh only 10 grams, so they won’t weigh down your ears. They also stay in place even when you’re moving around a lot—even if you’re sweating! If you want music that’s always with you, but don’t want to lug around heavy earbuds or deal with wires getting tangled up every time one of your moves goes awry (and we all know how frustrating it can be), then Huawei Freebuds SE might be just what you need.

Battery life

Battery life is one of the most important factors to consider when buying wireless headphones, especially if you’re on a budget. You don’t want to have to recharge your headphones every few hours or only use them during specific occasions where you can conveniently plug them into an outlet.

Fortunately, Huawei Freebuds SE last up to 6 hours of continuous music playback or up 24 hours with the charging case included.

You’ll also find that their battery life compares favorably with other earbuds in their price range: according to some testing data from 128 different models tested so far this year across 17 brands (including Huawei), Freebuds SE have slightly longer battery life than average for this price range.

Call quality

The Huawei Freebuds SE have clear call quality, with noise cancellation that works well. The microphone is also good and doesn’t have any noticeable issues with pick-up (even in noisy environments).

Sound quality

The sound quality on the Huawei Freebuds SE is good, but not great. This is to be expected from a wireless earbuds of this size and price. The sound quality of the Freebuds SE can be described with one word: balanced. In other words, it has no glaring flaws or strengths to make them stand out amongst its peers like Apple’s AirPods or Samsung’s Galaxy Buds do.

In terms of bass response, I found they were slightly lacking in their low-end reproduction compared to many other Bluetooth earbuds in this price range. But don’t get me wrong—the bass response is still quite pleasant to listen to and isn’t as bad as some cheaper alternatives I’ve tried like Skullcandy Dime which is mediocre in comparison and sometimes feels uncomfortable in the ears.

Can connect to Huawei AI Life app

The Huawei Freebuds SE are great headphones that let you connect to the Huawei AI Life app. This app will help you get a better experience from your headphones, as well as more out of them. You can change gestures, check the battery level, and more from this app.

You can also connect these wireless headphones to other devices like Android smartphones or tablets, so if you’re looking for a pair that works with other devices as well as Apple’s iPhones, these might be a good option for you.

Huawei’s Freebuds SE does a good job of delivering on the essentials.

Huawei’s Freebuds SE does a good job of delivering on the essentials. They’re comfortable, have great battery life, and deliver good sound quality. If you’re looking for a wireless earbud that can do all this without breaking the bank, then Huawei’s Freebuds SE is worth considering.


My review is based on personal experience and is not affiliated with Huawei in any way.  I think the Huawei Freebuds SE is a good pair of earphones worth its price tag. They’re comfortable, have solid battery life, and have good sound quality. Although they don’t offer any extra features like noise cancellation or active noise reduction (ANC), we feel this is a small trade-off for the value you get in its design and comfort.

I got mine on Lazada for only Php 1899. You can check it out HERE.

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