How To Survive A Social Media Detox In 5 Ways

For the love of #TheWalkingDead, I took this Social Media Detox. Yup, I have surrendered myself to a social media detox - for only 12 hours. Just for the idea to test it out. Why only 12 hours? I just needed space (a very wide virtual space) to avoid spoilers lurking everywhere in social media.… Continue reading How To Survive A Social Media Detox In 5 Ways

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What Revenge Smells Like… literally!

Smell the scent of Revenge... literally! “Double Infinity” is a fragrance line inspired from the hit TV show in ABC, “Revenge”, and this is probably the first time I heard that a show comes with a bottled perfume as one of its collectible merchandises.The symbol and name of "Double Infinity" is based and heavily visible… Continue reading What Revenge Smells Like… literally!