Paris Hilton worked it out—literally.

Paris Hilton, breaking a sweat in black stilettos and large hoop earrings.

Although the posted photo was way back in November 2010, it’s still fun to think that an individual from a high society would do community service as punishment for DUI. Wearing her black high heels, and expensive looking pants, she joined the “Hollywood Beautification Team” and help paint the graffiti all around the city. Maybe she assumed that doing community service would be fun as she wore black pants, high heels, large hoop  earrings and her signature big shades, she ended up in paint stains.

Paris Poses For Azure

Fast track to 2012, she look pretty stunning in her ad for Azure, a resort-condominium located in the Philippines. Under the belt of Century Properties, the resort-condo features a bean shaped clubhouse specially designed by Paris.

Check out the ad!

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