TOP 5 Disney SitComs That Should Be Brought Back

5.) Sonny With A Chance

From the dramatic Mitchie (Camp Rock) to the funny and witty Sonny (Sonny with a Chance), I never thought that Demi Lovato can be very versatile. Although some of her comic moves are a bit over-acting but I still somehow find it good, considering that it’s a show within a show, which is ‘So Random’. I certainly miss the times when the ‘Randoms’ would get some sort of trouble with the ‘Falls’ during Season One. The Sonny-Chad loveteam sort of ruined the comedy between two rival shows within Season 2 but it was still ok. I would definitely watch them again if they return for Season 3, with Demi Lovato, of course.

4.) Hannah Montana

The Hannah Montana fever was SO intense that it came to a point wherein there’s Hannah Montana’s face on kids’ bags, shirts, mugs, and even a cereal bowl (which I gotta admit, I have one). From their songs, to the official movie, I was hit with the Hannah Montana bug as well, even though we don’t have Disney Channel in our TV Sets. I absolutely love Emily Osment on how she handled her character and how she tried to be funny effortlessly. One thing I noticed, when I watched the series, it seems like Hannah Montana or Miley Stewart is a bit self-centered. I was disappointed of the Season Finale, to be honest. I didn’t thought it would end up revealing herself just for the sake of college, and not for family. Still, a selfish act! But hey, if they would return for another season, I might as well watch it again.

3.) Wizards of Waverly Place

I honestly thought that it’s a cheap rip-off of the Harry Potter series. I gave in and tried to watch some episodes of it when my housemate lent me the DVD of the first season. To my surprise, I didn’t find it annoying. It was heck funny especially Selena Gomez’ role as a sister who doesn’t give a damn to everything, of which she brought it up convincingly. I watched her other movies, and she was incredibly versatile as well, especially on Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie. Four seasons of it was clearly not enough to end a fantastic TV show such as this. It definitely garnered a lot of awards than Hannah Montana. The season finale was good, but not that great. The bad thing about this series was, the longer it lasted, the dumber Max had become. Wizards of Waverly Place Season 4? I’ll wave my wand to that, and save the schedule on my Abracadoodler.

2) Lizzie McGuire

Aired in 2001 and ended in 2004. I remember watching this way back in high school, and it was on a weekly show ‘Disney Buzz’. It was every weekend wherein there’s a line-up of new episodes of Recess, 100 Deeds of Eddie McDowd, So Weird and Lizzie McGuire. Those were the good times. (*wiping tears off*) It was thru this show that Hilary Duff became one of the famous Disney TV Princesses in the entertainment industry. If only Disney can bring back Lizzie, I would definitely be present every week!

1.) That’s So Raven

The classics always bring out the BEST! No TV Show made me laughed so hard with the actor’s punch lines and gestures, except for That’s So Raven. Aired in 2003, and ended in 2007. From Season One down to the very last Season, it was funny to the bone! Raven Symone‘s facial expression matches the punch lines, which made me, laugh on most of its episodes. What should be the best finale for this? A friggin’ MOVIE! If the Disney execs would bring Raven back, Oh Snap, I’m not changing my channel ever again, yo’ Nasty! (Dang, I miss her saying that line with her accent on it.)

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