Christina Aguilera’s New Track Surfaces The Web

Spreading more than a wildfire is this track from the Sensational Diva, Christina Aguilera. The demo version of her new track “Your Body” surfaces the web and is now being played and even became a Worldwide Trending Topic on Twitter. “Your Body” was co-written by Max Martin, whose works became noted for The Backstreet Boys, N’SYNC, Britney Spears and many to mention. The track is composed of modern beats and synths, and her undeniably good vocals. But despite of it being just a demo version, it still slays.

And from a die-hard Britney Fan like me, I could say that this is one hot track and could be one of the biggest hits for Christina Aguilera’s entire career. Is it better than her ‘Bionic’ tracks? I would answer that with a big YES, but it would be better if you’ll check out the link below, or her photo above, and tell me your thoughts…


Christina Aguilera – Your Body

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