Biting This Year’s VMA’s

I am still disappointed on how MTV had their mediocre tribute to MTV Video Vanguard Winner, Britney Spears. I can still remember how Adele and Beyonce graced last year’s VMA Stage. In a blink of an eye, here comes this year’s VMA’s. It’s the time of the year where MTV cared about music, when it should’ve been about music 24/7.

I really hate comparing, but when it comes to Award Shows, you can’t help but to compare if this year’s show is way better than last year’s. That, I can say yes. Not ‘Yes’ with a huge difference, but let just say around 3.9 stars out of 5.

Rihanna opened the show with “Cockiness“, a track from her recent album. A snippet of “We Found Love” followed suit as she moved to the second stage on where Calvin Harris was, who the night’s DJ was. It was fun to watch, and it was better than Jo Calderone’s (Lady Gaga’s Male Alter Ego) VMA Opening last year.

Kevin Hart soon entered as the show’s host. Surprisingly, I found myself laughing with his punch lines and short skits throughout the show. I prefer him to host the show, than Russell Brand.

The show’s show stopping number you ask? I think One Direction owned the night. I got excited when they performed. Good thing I was able to control myself from “Fangirling”.

My eyes grew wide open as soon as I heard the hook from today’s famous track, “Gangnam Style“. Psy ascended to the stage with Kevin for his brief appearance while doing his ever popular “Gangnam Style” dance routine. I was expecting him to formally close the show, but it all got shot down to flames.

Emma Watson made a brief appearance as well. She looks absolutely stunning, grinning after greeting the audience with her British-accented ‘hello’ as “Hallohw.”

The cast of Twilight also made an appearance for the special preview of their film’s Finale. It now felt awkward seeing Kristin being romantic with Robert in their short preview, when they’re having a huge conflict in real life.

I was also surprised to see Selena Gomez being nominated for Best Female Video, but eventually lost to Nicki Minaj’

All of this year’s winners deserve their moonman. Even though there were no Gaga nor Britney nor Madonna, gracing the night for ratings sake, it was still somehow good. Far better than last year.

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