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Biting GLEE S4 Ep2: Britney 2.0

GLEE’s at it again! “Britney 2.0” was one of the most anticipated episodes of the series. The first Britney-dedicated episode raked a lot of numbers for rating’s sake, even though the storyline was kinda weak enough for the said series. This season, they’re having another Britney-dedicated episode and this time, with better storyline. It gained a lot of negativities in the social media as the episode covers Britney’s downfall. With that said, it would mean Brit’s shaving off her hair, beating with an umbrella and the lip-syncing on VMA. Most Britney Fans tweeted about it and find it offensive, but for me, it’s not.


The episode focuses on the show’s character, Brittany S. Pierce, and not Britney Spears’ Music or even her works. Her downfall was heavily compared to Britney’s meltdown, which I think was appropriate and relevant enough for Brittany’s storyline. From her head-shaving (although that didn’t eventually happened), to beating with an umbrella, to lousy performances (with similarities with Britney’s Gimme More performance), it was all well plotted and well-fitted for Brittany’s depression for being cut off from her cheering squad, The Cheerios.

To all Britney fans saying that this episode was being disrespectful to Britney, I do hope when u watched the episode, you fully understand the SHOW. That you fully understand that the storyline was about “Brittany S. Pierce”, and not the music and works of “Britney Spears”. Yes, Brittany’s meltdown was heavily similar to Britney’s downfall but it was good enough to support the character’s story. The moral of the story was despite of all the negative things, you can always make a GREAT comeback, and I guess that was fully explained with Brittany and Sam’s scene. I believe they did NOT make fun of Britney’s ‘Blackout’ days. This episode got heavier storyline than Season 2’s “Britney/Brittany”. Again, this one’s about “BRITTANY” and NOT about “BRITNEY”.


Now about their songs, most of them are good. Heather Morris’ “Hold It Against Me” was more upbeat than the original, which is good, but with “Gimme More”, not so. There really are tracks that only Britney Spears can nail it, and “Gimme More” was one of them, (and I’m A Slave 4 U). Lea Michelle overkilled “Oops! I Did It Again” in a good way. It was a fresh and unique version of a Britney classic.

Mash-Ups are made too. First was “Boys/Boyfriend”, which I would rate 3 out of 5. Good vocals but mashing it up with Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend is not a good idea at all. And there’s “(You Drive Me) Crazy/ Crazy”, a mashup of Britney and Aerosmith’s. At first it was annoying but it’s the type of tune that would stick in your head for a while. The next thing you know you’re singing “You Know I’m Crazy, Crazy, Crazy for U Baby.”

“Womanizer”, and “3” was good. Good vocals, good arrangement and all. But Marley’s “Everytime” was a so-so. If you’re just listening to the song, it is kinda boring but when it got played in the episode and showed some few scenes of the show’s characters, it was good and relevant for the storyline.

My verdict on “Britney 2.0”, as Britney Spears would say it “Holy Cow, Yes!”

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