My Top Albums of 2012

2012 is an incredible year of music. Less popular songs became sleeper hits, viral songs conquered the year, and even a crazy dance move became a big hit that made the whole world dance along! So, here are my Most Played Albums that are released this year.

top 5

RCA Records
XTINA is back and kicking with her latest album, and this time, she toned down the level of sexuality in this one. If “Bionic” was more sexual, this one’s not much. For me, this is FAR better than Bionic and Back to Basics, and even her first album! Stripped may be her BEST work ever, but LOTUS can definitely put up a good fight.
The album features collaborations from Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton, who are her co-judges in the hit singing competition “The Voice”.

top 4

Polydor Records
Fresh from her sleeper hit “Lights”, Ellie Goulding releases her latest work “Halcyon” featuring her new smash hit, “Anything Could Happen”. The album got the same elements of her past albums, but Halcyon was made even better.
TOP TRACK FAVORITE: “In My City”           

top 3

RCA Records
Like her previous works which are undeniably danceable, “WARRIOR” has lived up to my expectations. The same old yodeling-like raps, catchy hook, and auto-tune are still present, of which it would seem like it’s her signature. Her few ballads are good, as well. They are emotional, and a decent space to take a short pause from upbeat tracks as you play the album.

TOP TRACK FAVORITE: “All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)

top 2

Interscope Records
Madonna’s 12th studio album is indeed a Masterpiece! I do love Madonna but not much of a fan. Not until this album, though! From the first track to its Deluxe Version, there was definitely no dull moment. Although I was a bit disappointed with the chart performances of her official singles from this album, I do however, find them underrated. Need to mention, “MASTERPIECE”, which garnered a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song for the film “W.E.

top 1

Interscope Records
I was not really much of a fan of EDM albums. I have Calvin Harris’ and David Guetta’s fine works, but they don’t have much spark for me. Then there’s a Lady Gaga leaked track “Stache” that sent fireworks to my blank mind, that made me wondered who produced the said track. It was then I listened to ZEDD’s album CLARITY, and I got so hooked to it.
The whole album is like a non-stop medley. The beats of every track makes me feel wanna party all night long.
TOP TRACK FAVORITE: “Spectrum (feat. Matthew Koma)”

As 2013 approaches, I am far excited to hear the songs of the upcoming year! Will Lady Gaga’s new album be as glorious as what it would seem? Who will be the new artist/s that would dominate the charts? All that and more, as we keep on flipping the pages of the story of our lives.

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