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HitBack: ONE FOR SORROW (Savoring the Musical Taste of STEPS)

So, I was exploring some YouTube videos (I was stuck in The Ellen DeGeneres channel for hours) when a familiar tune just got inside my head. I could rarely hear that song being played on the radio but the said tune got inside my head all of a sudden.
It was a track from STEPS, titled “One for Sorrow”. I could hardly remember the last time I heard that song, so, hearing it again made a lot of childhood memory flashbacks, dramatically. I used to remember singing and dancing along while watching the video on MTV (back when MTV was “really” MTV), only to find out that the lyrics were really deep and emotional, despite of the upbeat tempo and the fact that it’s a danceable track. I was so innocent back then (of course, we’ve been innocent once), and I had no idea that they’re singing about pangs of heartbreaks.
The chorus of the song goes like:
            “Now I know you’re someone else right now,
              Loving someone else no doubt.
             Well, I’m One For Sorrow
             Ain’t it too, too bad.
             Are you breaking someone else’s heart
            Coz you’re taking my love where you are.
            Well, I’m One For Sorrow
            Ain’t it too, too bad about us?”
Funny how these words described exactly how I felt once, few years back.
Written by Mark Topham, Karl Twigg, and Lance Ellington, Claire (the female lead vocal of STEPS) performs lead vocals of all of the verses, before the entire band join for the chorus. Check out the video below and taste the sweet pop tunes of STEPS, once again.

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