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Who Sang It Better? BLANK PAGE (Aguilera VS Sia)

A “new” song demo just leaked recently and I just can’t help blog about it. It’s a song titled “Blank Page” sung by Christina Aguilera, included in her latest album “Lotus” written by Sia and Christina Aguilera herself (according to the credits written in her album’s booklet). The leaked demo features Sia, as she belts out the entire track in a different vibe than Aguilera.

Blank Page” was written by Christina Aguilera, Chris Braide and Sia Furler (AKA Sia), while production was handled by Braide.  It is a piano led ballad, which lasts for a duration of 4:04 while Sia’s demo lasts for 3:56. The piano-driven power ballad finds Christina (and Sia from the demo) asking forgiveness from a lover that she’s hurt as she pleads for a second chance. It opens with the chords of a piano as the singer shares, “I know there’s hurt/ I know there’s pain/ But people change/ Lord, knows I’ve been no saint/ In my own way/ Regret choices I’ve made/ How I do I say I’m sorry?/ How do I say I’m sorry?.”

On the chorus, the lyrics are hopeful that she can right any wrongs she may have committed: “Draw me a smile, and save me tonight/ I’ll be your blank page waiting for you to bring me to life/ Paint me a heart, let me be your art/ I am a blank page waiting for life to start/ Let our hearts start and beat as one together/ Let our hearts start and beat as one forever.”

Although Sia’s version delivered different tune with the tracks’ first verse, the refrain and the chorus were somehow similar lyrically and rhythmically. Check out the songs below:

Sia – Blank page (Demo Version)

christina aguilera – Blank page

from the album “lotus”

So whose version is better?
Although Christina Aguilera’s version was well-produced, and of course, it’s in its finished version, I felt Sia’s version more heart-warming yet haunted. It would’ve been better if they had a duet with this song.
What do you think? Who sang it better?

  • Christina Aguilera
  • Sia
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