Biting Zedd’s “Clarity” Acoustic Version

One of the main reasons why I singled out Zedd’s CLARITYas my pick for 2012 Album of the Yearwas, of course, the tracks in it. I honestly won’t care if the songs would be about sex, but it turns out that it’s not. The songs contents are outstanding, not just the beat and the catchy hooks, but if they were to be played in acoustics, it would still sound exceptional.

Clarity” is Zedd’s latest track with Foxes, singing the vocals. It is the fourth single from the album of the same title, “Clarity”. They have performed the acoustic version recently on “Late Show with David Letterman” on CBS.

Here the acoustic version of Zedd’s latest single “Clarity” featuring Foxes:

Bite Marks:  4 out of 5 
                      *MUNCHIN’ IT HARD*

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