Hey Journal: On A Blank Page

Hey Journal!
It has always been my dream to create a show and to express my love for media arts. (That’s why I produced those podcasts, “Britney: In The Mix”, “Lady Gaga Central” and “PHB: The Podcast” in the first place.) And this year, I finally had a chance to make our own docu, and this time, it’s for our ETHICS class, with the topic of Premarital Sex.

With the help of my ever-intellectual teammates, we’ve come up with a show format that we can use up until we graduate.

The name of the show is BLANK PAGE. It’s some sort of a documentary program that may have i-Witness, The Correspondents and Reporter’s Notebook, a run for their money. Of course, since we’re amateurs, everything still seems…amateur.

Filming it was soooo fun! After days of shooting, storyboard making, video editing, and dubbing, our final product’s ready. 

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