Hitting the "SWEET SPOT" with Flo-Rida and J.Lo

Is collaborating with famous pop stars the latest trend among rappers? Seems like it. When Will.I.Am joined forces with Britney Spears for “Scream & Shout” made a huge impact, Pitbull followed suite, having Christina Aguilera for their track “Feel This Moment”. 

This time, Flo-Rida releases his new single with Jennifer Lopez, for his track “Sweet Spot” from the album “Wild Ones”.

The lyric video of the song had surfaced last year; however there was no follow-up if it’ll be released, not until recently. The track is now titled “Sweet Spot 2.0” featuring Jennifer Lopez’s sweet and catchy hook and an addictive beat.

The dance-club track lasted for 3 minutes and 12 seconds while the album version is a bit longer, running for 3 minutes and 48 seconds. The lyrics described as seductive as J.Lo belts out the lyrics:
Let’s hit the sweet spot
 I’m ready to go
 I want candy tonight
It is a good dance-club track that makes us want to move along to. Giving this track a 3.5 out of 5, go ahead and check the song out!

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