Hittin’ Replay: Ooh La La by Britney Spears (The Smurfs 2 Soundtrack)

Yes, I’m a HUGE Britney Spears fan, but I tried to keep this blog less to become a Britney Fan Blog. It’s just that I could not deny that I have been playing her leaked track over and over and over again!

Her new track “Ooh La La”, which is also the Official Soundtrack of The Smurfs 2, had surfaced the web. Produced by Dr. Luke, Britney confirms that the track was legit, yet it was still a “demo” and the final track will be on June 16. Now, judging if the leaked track was the real thing or “demo” is hard. The sugary-filled pop track sounds like it’s in its final mix already, but if it really is still a demo, GAHD!,I can’t wait what the real thing would sound like!

“Ooh La La” has been receiving good responses and some flak for being too ordinary and was expecting more of an upbeat track. I think it’s an excellent single, whose main target are the kids since the track serves as the theme for a movie for KIDS!

The music video was said to be in the works and a possible cameo appearances of Britney’s sons, Jayden and Sean Preston, has been confirmed by Spears.

Check out the official theme of The Smurfs 2!

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