Backstreet Boys – Leaving a "Permanent Stain"

While I was in bed, fighting off hyperthermia (fever), one track was stuck in my head as the hook plays over and over again. That certain track is the comeback single of Backstreet Boys, “Permanent Stain”.

Now, I don’t know if this is already their nth comeback single, since BSB and New Kids On The Blockjoined forces and was named NKOTBSB, but was deemed unsuccessful. Other boybands returned with a new single this year, citing 98 Degrees’ “Microphone” but that too, failed topping the charts.

This 3 minute and 57 second-track is indeed addictive, a decent addition to the group’s roster of hits. But the snag of it, they sounded like One Direction, and even thought that it was another 1D track.

“Permanent Stain” is the carrier single of Backstreet Boys’ 8th album “In A World Like This”, hitting the shelves on July 30th.

Check out the single below:

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