LISTEN: Katy Perry New Single #ROAR

Katy Perry is back with her new single, ROAR!

This track is definitely no “Teenage Dream”. This is the carrier single for her upcoming album, PRISM.

As she what she said in the earlier promos of her new single, the upcoming era will be darker, beating the sweet, tacky and tasty pop era that has with “Teenage Dream”. However, ROAR is not as dark as it seems…yet.

ROAR begins with an ethnic-like drum beats, and with the chorus that starts with the songstress singing:
I got the eye of the tiger.
As it transcends to a line:
I am a Champion and you’re gonna hear me ROAR.

Similar to Fireworks, ROAR is another self-empowering track that leaves a good kick in ones ego.

A good pop track is usually very catchy. Roar scores 3.5 out of 5 when it comes to its “catchiness”

Go ahead and check out Katy Perry’s new track, #ROAR, and tell us what you think!

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