UNDISCOVERED GEM: Big Girl Now by New Kids On The Block & Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga remains unstoppable as her upcoming single, Applause, from her upcoming album ARTPOP is on its way.
Unknown to many (specifically non-avid fans of Gaga), she once appeared on a New Kids on the Block track, titled “Big Girl Now”. 
Back in 2008, when RedOne introduced Gaga as a new artist, she served as a demo singer. She sang the female part on “Big Girl / Big Boy” which was the demo name, and they loved her so much, they kept her vocals. Their collaboration continued with “Full Service“, which Gaga played as a co-writer for that song on. Gaga later join the band again on the New Kids on the Block: Live tour.

Too bad the song didn’t do well, when it sounded hit-worthy.

Here’s New Kids On The Block featuring Lady Gaga with “Big Girl Now

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