REVIEW: Disney Does It Again with FROZEN

Back when I was a kid, whenever I feast my young chinky eyes on movies, I always look forward for Disney flicks. Yes, I am guilty of being a fan of Pocahontas, Mulan, The Little Mermaid, and even Cinderella. But over the years, I honestly thought that Disney’s losing it after shifting their animation from drawings to 3D models. With the mediocre results of Brave and even Tangled, I thought it was officially over for them to create another iconic character that would include in their roster of Disney Princesses.

Alas, I was wrong.

My partner’s fond of watching animated movies, maybe it’s because that’s what his inner child enjoys. From Dreamworks, to Disney, he enjoys them all. When he finally got to watch Disney’s latest offering, Frozen, he simply can’t stop talking, about it being funny and awesome as he sings along with the movie’s tunes inside his head.

The usual old me, who judges the movie by its trailer and/or soundtrack, got to watch the music video of the film’s soundtrack, Let It Go, sung by Demi Lovato. I thought it was another Tangled, a kind of film which will be underrated and will be forgotten in a few years.

So, after all of the hullabaloos that I am reading in my social media timeline about Frozen, I finally gave in and give it a try.

I felt I was back in the 90’s where Disney movies will start in a brief song number (similar to Pocahontas, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid). The movie all-throughout has the same formula of the previous Disney flicks that I enjoyed when I was a kid. Catchy songs, funny sidekicks and punchlines, and heart-wrenching storyline.

Before watching the film, all I know was, it was based on the storyline of The Snow Queen, which was originally planned to create for more than 70 years, re-creating, re-writing, re-structuring the storyline that would appeal to all ages. 2013 was the right time, with the right story line, and with the right technology (Hello 3D!).

Sven The Reindeer and Olaf The Snowman

Like previous Disney flicks, comic sidekicks are a plus (cue in Mulan’s Mushu, Ariel’s Sebastian, Pocahontas’ Meekoand others). With Frozen, Olaf the Snowman and Sven the Reindeer brought more laughter and sensible touch of the movie.

And what’s a Disney flick without catchy tunes? Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell) sang the uber catchy “First Time In Forever”while Elsa (Idina Menzel), The Snow Queen, gave a magnificent performance of Let It Go with a powerful vocal that will surely add in Disney’s list of unforgettable songs like Pocahontas’ Colors of The Wind, The Little Mermaid’s Part Of This World, and Mulan’s Reflection.

The over-all animation was at its finest, except for one thing. Anna’s eyes become incredibly huge at some time, even way bigger than her wrist. It was a bit freaky though, but everything else was fantastic.

And as a kid who grew up with Disney classics, Frozen reminded me of what Disney Magic was and felt it once again.

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