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Cheers 2014! My Year-End Reflection

It’s been a year since I posted something in this blog. Lots of life-changing events happened the past year. Blessings came pouring, and along with it, are the negatives as well because that’s how the world works. There’s always a Yin and a Yang.

As 2014 bid farewell, I ought to write down all of the accomplishments, hardships and lessons I learned from the past year. Like everybody else, my life’s been on a roller-coaster ride.

This year, I have emerged as a victor in ABS-CBN’s 1st Interschool Newscasting Competition in Cagayan De Oro. It was something that I will remember for the rest of my life. Along with my journey with the news team from ABS-CBN, I gained new skills, knowledge and a whole lot of awareness in the media. The real lessons are learned in the actual world, not inside the four walls and a roof at fancy school. It is, by far, the greatest achievement of my life.

Courtesy of The Launchpad Magazine

I joined not because I want to show off to other students from various schools. Instead, I was up for challenging myself, on how far I could go. I was up for challenging myself in making my childhood dreams a reality. There I gained new friends, not competitors. There was not a pressure to be the best of the best because all we did was to savor the moment, and have some fun while learning new things in this industry.

It was, for me, challenging, but the real challenging part of my life this year is to handle people. It’s hard to keep a straight face to the people who did you wrong, who stabbed you in the back, who hurt you the most. One of the lessons I learned, friends can bring you up, but they can pull you down as well. I realized, that I would rather be alone unhurt, untouched rather than to be with pretentious people. It could be like that, or I shared a part of me with the wrong people.

Trust is a big word. I once remember a quote from a Lady Gaga music video featuring Beyonce, “Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it’s broke but you can still see the crack in that reflection.” It is true. The shoe fits.

If there’s one thing that I would have done differently, is to stop myself from creating a mess that would eventually hurt someone precious in my life. From that mistake, I realized how lucky I am to have someone that would still take me as I am despite all the wrongs I did. I realized how stupid I was hurting someone that I treasured. I realized that God is unique in making me understand things in His own special ways.
Despite all that, I had a lot of fun this year. Aside from doing occasional reports for TV Patrol northern Mindanao, I also got a chance to explore my skills in advertisement making, and directing a short film. I realized that my ways in creating one is traditional it is because I grew up watching Mexican Telenovelas and Soap Operas where most of the elements are traditional. As a Director, I have to be open and embrace the new forms in creating short films, since it is evolving from time to time.

How am I different this year that the last? This year, my outlook in life is more mature. I am now serious in establishing a good life, and to think not just for my wants, but for my needs as well.

For what am I particularly grateful? Oh, I have a long list of people that I would thank for. But above everything else, I am grateful for the Our God, Jehovah, for giving me a memorable year of my entire life.

Cheers to 2015! Cheers to a new life!

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