Alright. I think some of you might think that this post’s too childish or I am too old to blog about the Power Rangers, but hey, I’m still a kid at heart, and in case you haven’t noticed, all of your childhood cartoons/shows are being rebooted to the silver screen and into tv series as well. Not only Marvel’s superheroes are raking money, reviews and fans, but also, the Power Rangers franchise. The reboot of the first Power Rangers is currently in the works by Lionsgate (Hunger Games, Divergent, etc.) which will be in theaters in 2016. Yeah, I am excited about that, but that’s not what this post is about.

The new season of the Power Rangers is here, and I must say, it’s a lot different from the last two seasons since Saban bought back the rights of the franchise from Disney.

I’ve read a lot of negative comments, and reactions from fans about Power Rangers Samurai and Megaforce (including that awful Super Megaforce), and that includes me. I literally had to skip these two seasons and prefer watching the Sentai or the Japanese counterpart of these seasons. Samurai and Megaforce was dropdown horrible, from acting, to dubbing, and most importantly, the storyline.

This new season titled Power Rangers: Dino Charge, judging from its pilot, will be a good season. Take note of the opening credits! No more roll calls, the casts pauses and smiles to the camera like what we usually see in the first few seasons of the Power Rangers series, and the awesome editing of the clips that fit to the series’ new/revamped theme.

Powers from the Past”, the season’s pilot, begins with two teenagers, Tyler and Shelby, finding themselves in possession of powerful Energems, ancient artifacts that date back to the times of the prehistoric age. It is not long before the two find themselves under attack from monstrous forces seeking to acquire the Energems.
For starters, all of the cast is good-looking. They are all telegenic. If you are all about the actors’ looks, the red ranger, Brennan Mejia, looks like Zac Efron in side view. That alone is enough… I guess. Acting, you say? Well, I think that they are definitely better than the casts of Megaforce. (Camille Hyde, the pink ranger’s acting skills, is fairly promising.)

Regardless of how cheesy the show is, I always look forward for the story-line, and Dino Charge has IT. It has a rich story-line that would make us think of what will happen next, or who will be whom. It makes our minds work even it’s just a television show for kids.

I thought I’d give up rooting for the Power Rangers series, but Dino Charge definitely made me stick to it for a bit longer. I guess we all have to thank Judd “Chip” Lynn for coming back as the producer and giving us a good pilot for this series.

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