Exploring Lawis: Iligan’s Another Hidden Gem

Appeared on Business Week Mindanao
April 28, 2014

Everybody loves to indulge on cold waters especially during summer as their way to beat the summer heat. And what else will be better than dipping into it and feel refreshed?

In Iligan City, normally, when you ask the locals the best places to chill, common answers will be Tinago Falls, and Timoga.  However, there’s another place that is now getting a lot of attention from tourists and locals who wants to take a dip in a cold spring water during this scorching season.

Around 25 minutes from the City proper, Lawis Natural Springs is another hidden gem of the City. Located in Barangay Buru-un, Lawis will definitely satisfy your need to relax and unwind in a nature scenery.

Surrounded by tall coconut trees, a calming breeze from the springs will welcome you after a few minutes stroll from the main highway. The nature scenery is at its most charming and dipping in an icy-cool, crystal clear freshwater is the best part.

There are cottages that can be used, surrounding the natural springs, which ranges from P75 to a hundred bucks. Few mini-stores are present, and also Karaoke’s for those who would love to sing their hearts out while relaxing.

The narrow and rock-strewn path from the highway to the springs could’ve been better to provide easy access for the tourists, however, it can be considered as part of the challenge for those adventure-seeking nature lovers.

Lawishas a potential to be another well-known tourist spot in the region, and the best way to preserve this God-given gift, is to be well-disciplined in maintaining the cleanliness of our nature.

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