It started when I have this friend who keeps on tweeting about this pizza place in Cagayan De Oro City. It’s called Pizza Freddo and she’s been blabbing about it personally and online! I honestly got curious and planned to check the place out.
We all have those days when we crave for something, and our taste buds would seek for a certain tang. This time, my taste buds are craving for carbonaras, so I tagged my two other buds to check out the place.
There’s another branch of Pizza Freddo in Gran Europa but the one we went to is the one in Patag, right in front of the day care center.
My friend ordered her favorite Carbonara Chicken, and I followed suit. I made a point to her that I have set my expectations high because of her constant blabbing on how good it is.
Home-made carbonara with mushroom. Who can say no to that?


And alas, IT REALLY WAS!
I am no food critic, so I can’t describe how good it was with all those flourish words but all I can say is that my expectations were met. It succeeded my expectations, actually. All those cravings I had was gone. It had the right cheesy taste that my taste buds enjoy. Not too much, and definitely not bland. I can say that their carbonara is definitely the best one I’ve tasted so far. 
And the aftermath? Well, look, Ma!
Their Carbonara’s are worth a hundred and thirty bucks and it was all worth it. Quality is indeed their recipe.
They also have other home-made pasta and pizzas as well, for a very reasonable price.
Go and check Pizza Freddo out!:


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