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Admit it. We all have bad habits in our everyday activities.
We tend to be lazy and slack off. Either we do it most of the time or occasionally, we all did that.
However, these bad habits keep us from being productive, and we end up getting in trouble, most of the times. It adds stress to our already stressful lives, and time management adds another challenge.

To improve our ability to get things done, we need to break these bad habits for us to be productive.
Bad Habits is to Bad Productivity, and Bad Productivity is to Bad Habits.
It’s time to break these bad habits and free ourselves from stress, additional effort, and sloth.

Here are some of the most common bad habits that affect our productivity:


Some of us think that this is a great way to do more tasks in one setting. Multitasking may seem like a good idea, but this often leads to unproductiveness. Many things get started, yet nothing is done on time. It is best to concentrate on the most important task first, before starting something else.

Social Media While Working

One of the most common bad habits nowadays is to check our social media accounts while doing our tasks. This habit breaks our concentration whenever there’s a new post or notification. Keep your smart phones on silent mode, and log out from any social media sites whenever you’re on your desktop.

Unclean Work Area

Having an unclean work or study area most likely equates to unorganized thoughts. Your concentration will certainly break seeing all the clutter in your area. It is best to work or study in a clean and spotless desk.

Eating Snacks While Working/Studying

Another bad habit that breaks your concentration is eating snacks while working/studying.  Most likely you would get so consumed with what you’re eating, instead of what you are working. It is best to have a healthy meal or snack before working or studying.


This is one of the most common bad habits we all have. We tend to think that our task is supposed to be done, and think other fun things as well, or think what’s on the tube right now. Make it a habit to do self-reinforcement by talking positively to yourself. Make sure also, that you have got to walk the talk. Overcoming it takes a long while, but we also must enforce discipline into our own actions.

Poor prioritization

Some of us would start working on what’s on top of our files our desk, leaving the most important task behind since it’s on the most bottom part of the file. It is best to scan all the tasks that you need to do and make a checklist and rate them on its priority.

Before breaking all of the bad habits, access yourself first what bad habits you currently have and what habits you need to break to improve your productivity.

It is time you replace your bad habits with better ones.

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