I Am Blank Because…

I hate my work because…

I hate my new boss who doesn’t know a thing about SEO.
I hate my new boss for correcting me about social media when he doesn’t even have Facebook.
My good old boss resigned and now my work sucks.
I can’t improve my writing skills because I’m the only one who can write in this shit.
I can’t improve my writing skills because I only self-evaluate.

Boring Day at the Office

I love my work because…

I have a very easy job. Writing.
I have a flexible time.
I am so laid back in the office since what I am doing is my strength.
I have great interns.
I am somehow relatable to some employees.
It’s near my house. Just one jeepney ride, cause I’m thrifty… yet still poor.
I get to see the beautiful beach EVERYDAY!

I am sad because…

I am still living an unhealthy lifestyle… and I can’t help it.
I am tired living in my overweight body.
I can’t try changing my lifestyle overnight.
I am overweight coz I love eating, bitch!

Photo Credits: Aniza Zalzos

I’m excited for…

Unexpected Travels.
Unexpected Trips.

IT Park

I am happy because…

I still have my family despite everything.
I have the love of my life.
I am blessed with this job, although my new boss sucks.
I’m alive.

Shout to littlemissmomma for this idea of a blog post.

And I would love to have you join me for your own version of this post.  Fill in the prompts as they fit you–either in the comments section, or on your own blog and then leave a link in the comments so others can visit.

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