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Why Being A Google Local Guide Is Better Than Playing Pokémon Go

I’ll let this out with a heavy sigh. I am now bored of what I used to think as the most epic game ever, Pokémon Go.

No, don’t tell me that I’m not a real fan or I’m just jumping on the bandwagon. I am still a Pokemon fan (especially Pokémon Nintendo games) but Niantic’s version of the game kinda seems to be a bit boring now.

Though I am still patiently waiting for the biggest update for the game (PVP, Pokemon trading, more Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon), I can’t help but patronize another game or any GPS- related projects and leave Pokémon Go behind.

So, when we had a Google Local Guides Meeting event last September 24th, I didn’t pass up the chance to experience being a Google Mapper.

Google Local Guides from Third Team Media
Google Local Guides from Third Team Media

What’s Google Local Guides, you ask?
Local Guides is a global community of explorers sharing their discoveries on Google Maps. You get to help others find the best spots in town, make new friends, and unlock exclusive benefits from Google along the way.

So, why is it better than playing Pokémon Go nowadays? Here’s why:


Being a Google Local Guide has its perks. We all love to get free stuff, right?

Like Pokémon Go, there are certain goals to meet, points to earn and levels to achieve. And when you reach a certain level, you get rewards from Google!

Using Google Maps, you get points by adding a place, adding a photo of an existing establishment on Google Maps, writing a review of a certain place and answer questions related to the establishment.

Below are the types of rewards Google is offering to particularly active members.
Google Local Guides Level 1 Perks

When you reach Levels 4 and 5, you get to have the best perks!



It’s not just about you if you become a local guide.

It’s all about that warm feeling you get from helping others discover new, enriching experiences. Like telling them how to get to the nearest coffee shop and how the food’s like.

You are helping people in decision making by providing all the relevant information needed before they visit a specific location.


Apart from helping the individuals find establishments, you get to help and improve local businesses as well.

Putting them on Google Maps will surely drive foot traffic and increase the reach of their potential customers.

I guess, this time, local business should care about Google Maps now, right?




This is the best part. You get to meet new people!

Google hosts exclusive events in cities with the most active contributors, and there are casual meet-ups you can attend as well.

You can even organize your own. It’s your chance to meet, mingle, and discover the newest cultural offerings in your community.

So, are you up for the challenge? Sign up, be a local guide and enjoy the perks at https://www.google.com/local/guides/.

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