Tasting LeBron’s Mix

Have you tasted Sprite’s limited edition drink?

When I last viewed that viral video on Facebook about Sprite’s new drink, I have to admit, I became curious about its taste.


Sprite LeBron Mix
Sprite LeBron Mix

Guess their marketing strategy to put videos on Facebook worked because they definitely caught my attention!

So I started to look for a can of Sprite LeBron Mix at 7/11 Tamiya and even at Robinsons, but to no avail. But just yesterday, alas, I have found one.


The can and its labeling certainly looks like a Coca-Cola variant. It crossed my mind that maybe it tastes like cherry cola. After reading the labels, it’s definitely not a cola.

They could have it in pink or a combination of red and orange (or red-orange!) but nah.


I expected it to taste like Royal but to be honest, it tasted like a red classic bubble gum from our childhood. Do you remember that taste? Instead of a cherry bubble gum,  it’s a cherry drink with a kick of a cough syrup.


Red Bubble Gum
(Photo Source:

My friends say that it tastes more like an orange cough medicine, but for me, it’s not. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but every drop of it reminds you of your childhood, giving that nostalgia rush. 😝

Have you tasted Sprite’s Limited Edition LeBron Mix? What are your thoughts?

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