3 Reasons Why You Should Dine at Bulawan KuCHE

I’m a sucker for any food that’s totally cool and unique, and this new resto totally digs my taste.

Bulawan KuChe is one of the new restaurants that you should try, not because of its location, but for its amazing food. The great restaurant, BULAWAN KüCHE is a fusion term. “BULAWAN” means Gold in Cebuano. “KüCHE” means Kitchen in German.
Here’s why you should try to dine at Bulawan Kuche:


Comfortably situated on the 11th floor of Golden Prince Hotel and Suites, Bulawan KuChe showcases western cuisine with a touch of Cebuano flair. Combined with the beautiful 270-degree golden view of the city, mountain, and sea, Bulawan KuChe delivers unique dining experience in the sky.

Bulawan KuCHE

Imagine taking your date in a place like this! For sure it would be a date to remember!


And when I say they got great tasting food, it’s true to its words.
I personally had the chance to try out their food during their annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, and boy, it totally tastes like Christmas. Here, lemme show you:
 [metaslider id=1161]


For a limited time only, Bulawan KuChe gives a bottle of their special flavored wine for FREE for every order of Bulawan Platter, which is already good for 4 people. The special Bulawan Platter costs only P2000*.
Wine & Dine

Check out Bulawan KuChe at the Golden Prince Hotel and Suites. You may call them at (032) 230-1500 for more details and exciting promos.

24 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why You Should Dine at Bulawan KuCHE”

  1. 29 giugno: di solito gran parte delle ferie (in determinati tipi di azienda) sono decisi inntteamenre. viene lasciata solo una settimana da usare durante l'anno. se non vengono usate (ferie e permessi) ti vengono pagate entro di solito due anni.

  2. 24 – I always thought Stonehouse was one of the greatest arbitrage opportunities in GR. Start off on one side of the street with no kids, have a kid, move across the Street into GR. Kids graduate, move back across the street into Bloomfield. You could essentially live on the exact same street for years, but swap your taxes as appropriate.Of course, Bloomfield taxes aren’t what they used to be anymore. Might just be cheaper to stay.

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  4. Love your music shows, because they never cease to amaze me with the strange and unusual selections. And this episode was no exception. It’s a nice break from all of the paranormal/fortean junk. Also, I had not known that David Liebe Hart was such ‘celebrity’, what with being featured on Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job among other things. Makes his appearance during your interview with me all the more memorable.

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