Foodie Tuesday: Chicken in Cream Sauce with Sweet Corn Kernels and Green Peas

I’m a couch potato and cooking is not my thing. But not until my Chef Sister shared an easy–to-cook meal, which I think is doable.

My little sister’s a foodie since we were kids. Her experience in Ritz Carlton Florida has brought her many experiences and learned new dishes that she could tweak to adjust to every Filipino’s taste. So, recently she shared this awesome and easy dish just by experimenting.

She calls it, “Pan Seared Chicken in Cream Sauce with Sweet Corn Kernels and Green Peas” using ingredients found in our nearest supermarket or even sari-sari stores. Thank God, right? Don’t you just hate those recipes found online that features ingredients that can’t be found here in the Philippines, especially sa mga suki nating tindahan?

Well, anyways, go wear your apron and let’s start cooking!

Pan Seared Chicken in Cream Sauce with Sweet Corn Kernels and Green Peas


1 pc. chicken breast fillet
– no bones
– cut into thin slices
1 sachet Maggi Magic Sarap or Pork Savor
1 teaspoon black Pepper

For Cream Sauce
½ Pack of Clara Ole Bechamel White Sauce
3 cloves garlic (minced)
¼ can whole corn kernel
Green peas
Cheez Whiz (OPTIONAL)
Salt & Pepper
1 teaspoon Butter
1 teaspoon oil
Parsley (chopped)


o Make sure to slice the chicken into thin strips to prevent undercooking.
o Marinate chicken for an hour with Magic Sarap, salt, and pepper

Make the sauce
o In 1 tablespoon of butter and oil, sauté garlic for 20-30 seconds in medium heat.
o Add corn kernels and green peas. Saute for 1 minute.
o Add béchamel white sauce and stir.
o Add 1/8 cup of water)
o Simmer until reduced.
o Add Kraft Chiz Whiz if desired and stir.
o Adjust the taste according to your preference
o The sauce should be thick.
o Add parsley and stir. Set aside.

Now, cook the chicken meat:
o In 1 tablespoon of butter and 1 teaspoon of oil, sear the chicken until golden brown for 3-5 minutes each side over medium heat.
o Put the chicken on top of the sauce, garnish with chopped parsley.

And voila, your Pan Seared Chicken in Cream Sauce with Sweet Corn Kernels and Green Peas is now ready.

Pan Seared Chicken in Cream Sauce with Sweet Corn Kernels and Green peas

Ready to dig in? Well, Bon Appetit!

Wanna learn more easy recipes? Check out new recipes every #FoodieTuesdays here in Le Bonné Appetit.

Wanna know the chef behind this genius dish? Follow Aniza on Instagram @nizalzos. Her IG Feed’s full of foods and treats, mostly her own recipes by experimenting!

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