Of High and Low Notes

If almost everybody curses 2016, well i ain’t. If everyone is throwing fit at 2016, well I’m not.

2016 was the year where I had real change: professionally and personally.

My job hopping days are over and now I am set to a certain post that got my full attention: Digital Marketing.

I learned so many things that craves my inner hunger for digital dogma. I may not show this obviously to my boss and colleagues but I am forever grateful of the learnings.

Part of the things I learned (all thanks to my boss) is blogging, thus, my blogging comeback became real. I am now fully aware of the ins and what-nots of blogging.

And because of that, I have placed my podcasting a temporary halt until I find the perfect time to make a perfect comeback for my beloved podcast. But for now, it’s just blogging relevant things. 

No more blogging about leaked tracks, or mostly Britney related posts. I am now focusing on food + couch potato lifestyle niche.

Relationships are hard to maintain, especially if there are less effort on both parties. If one is willing to do everything to have the bond as strong as it is, pride and other malignancies should be voided. And that’s the lesson I learned before the year ended.

My 2016 may not ended in a high note, but I am optimistic that the following year will be like a sequel of the luck amd happiness I gained in the previous year.

I am earning it coz I deserve it after getting crap for how many years.

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