Where Do I Go From Here?

Where Do I Go From Here 

If I’ll walk away

Where will i go

If I’ll give up

What will I do next

If I’ll step out

How would I take a new step

If you’re tired

Let me tell you this

So am I

I felt the same way back when I didn’t gave up everything 

But it’s too late now

I gave up my life

To be next to you

Coz all I had in my mind

Is I’m happy when I’m with you 

But everything’s changed now

Along with your physique

is our love in coupure electrique

So tell me how to start over again

without you

without you 

You who defined my world now

Coz you want goodbyes now

And there were no more smiles but frowns
So now

Where Do I Go From Here

17 thoughts on “Where Do I Go From Here?”

  1. But corporatism exists where unions have the power to increase the overall level of wages. Do Australian unions have this power anymore? I doubt it. Torben Iversen argues that poorc-orpstatsit social democracy relies on central bank independence with the threat of higher interest rates restraining wage bargainers. Will a gneral fear of unemployment lower rank and file workers wage targets? Note how the Libs are rallying behind tax cuts, just as the republicans in the US, tax cuts unite the right social issues divide them.

  2. Every time my wife flies somewhere for business we go through the routine: Empty the purse and remove the knives, pliers, pepper spray, duct tape, nail files,clippers,tweezers, etc. With the exception of the pepper spray everything in there is just a tool and she has used all of it on more than one occasion to help someone out. Dull knives are dangerous, sharp knives are tools. Some people should be wrapped in bubble wrap and put somewhere safe.Rey B

  3. Not really related to OS/2 (which I ran back in the day and thought was great…) but I test ran a Linux distro or two a few years back (like 2010?) on a 43p and they ran fine. The PowerPC distros that are left don’t just run on PowerMacs, they run on 603, 604, and some POWER chips too

  4. Caro Lone Wolf:Tudo o que diz está muito certo e até concordo consigo.Sei que o Sr. em causa é todo de direita (pró Cavaquista, se não for pior que isso).Desconhecia em absoluto o curriculum do Sr. em causa, no entanto, o que ele afirma no seu escrito é o que está sucedendo na nossa sociedade, ou não ?Foi por isso que o transcrevi…( Não quis dizer que estou de acordo com o articulista que reputo de pró-anti-democrata.

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