4 Reasons Why TomYum Is The Best Place To Dine

With the ongoing success of The Strip in Pala-o, Iligan City’s family of homegrown restaurants is at its full speed to glory.

Any lumad in Iligan knows that nowadays, Pala-o is the one stop shop for everything tasty – flavorful treats, giant pizzas, and fancy dishes that will surely entice our hunger in food!


TomYum is one of the great finds in The Strip, and let me tell you why:



Despite the small space, they were able to transform it to a fancy yet cozy place to chill and dine with friends and family.

TomYum Interior

Even Mom and Dad approves of how the place looks like – spotless and comfortable.

TomYum Interior



The female waitress that approached us greeted us with a wide warm smile as she handed out the shop’s menu. She was accommodating of our requests and displayed finesse in serving us.



Tom Yum brands itself as a fusion of Filipino and Thai Cuisine. So we ordered the basic Filipino dishes and a Thai one, just to have no regrets in case we didn’t like it.

Alas, we loved every dish they served!

Dad ordered one of his faves: Kinilaw na Isda. At first look, he kinda disapproves of its mixture. But when he tasted it, he was all thumbs up!


Mom ordered Adobong Manok (it was originally Pork Adobo, but they ran out), and it was utterly enjoyable, far better than homemade ones.


Adobong Manok

I ordered the usual calamari, and I gotta say, I’m not satisfied with the size and the taste was ok.


Tom Yum Calamari

Now for the Thai dish. We ordered TomYum’s Pad Thai with Shrimp – and it was like a great taste of heaven!

Pad Thai 2

We love every single bite of it, and so does Mom and Dad! We recommend you guys getting their Pad Thai. I don’t know if they’re using their original recipe, but this one’s the bomb! We got the solo dish and it was already good enough for four people. Wished I brought one here in Cebu.


Pad Thai solo


All of these dishes we ordered doesn’t have an expensive price tag. All of these are really affordable and it costs less than a thousand pesos, perfect for a family dinner on a budget!

  • Chicken Adobo – P195
  • Kinilaw – P189
  • Pad Thai with Shrimp (solo) – P155
  • Calamares – P179


Our overall experience was excellent! The food, the place, and even the price are worth it! They’re not expensive – in fact, all of their dishes are affordable yet flavorful! We left TomYum with a full appetite and will definitely come back for more!


FOOD: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

PLACE: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

SERVICE: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


You can check out TomYum at The Strip, Ubaldo Laya Ave, Iligan City. You can also check out their Facebook Page.