Dining In At John Michael’s Travellers Restobar

When we dine out, it’s not just we’re hungry. But we’re looking for something that will satisfy our cravings, one that will make us come back for more.

Also, when we dine out, we also see to it that the ambiance of the place doesn’t kill our appetite. Meaning to say, we are searching for that spot where we wanna hang out and chill after munching a satisfying meal.


So there’s this new hub in J Center Mall, where diners get to experience real and authentic western dining, where dishes are not mediocre but made by an experienced chef from a well-known hotel chain in the Queen City of the South.


John Michael's Travellers Restobar


It’s called John Michael’s Travellers Restobar and I was one of the lucky few who get to taste some of their dishes during their grand opening.


Inside John Michael's Travellers Restobar


The new resto-bar inside J Center mall aims to be the main hub where westerners get to chill and experience that Australian homegrown taste they love, and we Filipinos are lucky enough to taste that same flavor.


With their wide options of local to Australian dishes, their prices are not that bad since the authenticity of their plates is present in every serving. Aside from a restaurant, they also have a mini-bar where they serve alcoholic drinks.




I get to taste my very first Australian Wine and yes, it was so good! It goes down to your throat very smoothly, without that nasty pang of alcohol and it’s different from the cheap local ones we usually see in grocery stores.


Authentic Australian White Wine at John Michael's Travellers Restobar
Authentic Australian White Wine at John Michael’s Travellers Restobar


And it’s perfectly paired with a real and authentic medium rare steak that only they can perfect. Some of the restos around the city offer medium rare steaks but are far different from what the western peeps are looking for.

Medium Rare Steak at John Michael’s Travellers Restobar


It’s a thumbs up from this guy!



The resto bar also boasts its fresh Australian coffee and of course, I got a chance to taste it. I am not a coffee lover but this one got my thumbs up! Its pairing of a chocolate wafer/biscuit is a perfect combo.

Coffee at John Michael's Travellers Restobar


And talk about firsts, I also get to taste a Nicoise Salad. My friends and family know that I am not into vegetables, but this one made me think otherwise. It’s not just visually delicious but the taste, too.


Nicoise Salad
Nicoise Salad


Other treats we get to try are their Tuna Sandwich, and among others.

Tuna Sandwich

John Michael’s Travellers Restobar is located in Upper Ground Level near Bureau of Immigration at J Center Mall. Open from 8:00 AM until 10:00 PM.