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Oops!… I Vlogged Again

It’s been years since I vlogged in my YouTube channel and I gotta admit, I miss creating videos.

During my MassCom days, videos are my thing. Though, some of my output were as crappy as ever ‘coz I was settling for a cheap and easy-to-use video editor with crappy rendering tools. So, now I’m back, and hopefully, I’ll be able to continue doing this!

Over the weekend, I and my partner were invited to a special block screening of Can’t Help Falling In Love, starring Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. I know — my friends will probably say “what? Kathniel movie”. But to tell you honestly, the trailer got us hooked and left us with the desire to watch the movie.

We watched KathNiel movies in the past and most of them, we just let it pass — especially Barcelona that got us really bored, up to a point where we didn’t even bother to finish the movie. But this time, they bounced back in a light-hearted romcom that definitely got us laughing our butts off from start to finish.

Nope, we don’t wanna spoil you te details but here’s a piece about what the film is about: Can’t help Falling In Love takes a fascinating take on life and ove itself, and why we should choose to be happy and free.

Here’s a brief vlog about what happened over the weekend: