Come Through 2018

Come Through, 2018

Hello, brand new year!

I’m starting off my year with a new blog as I wave 2017 goodbye (thank God!) and hello 2018.

You guys have no idea how happy I am now that 2017 ended. It was not just a roller coaster ride but a crazy one. It was a year full of bumps along the road, more of lows than highs and a year full of trials.

But nevertheless, I learned how to be patient, resilient and most of all, know my self-worth.

Patience is one of my weak abilities but I was able to strengthen it this year. Most of the lessons I learned about Patience is through my ongoing relationship. I learned how to control my anger and rage to avoid further damages, both physically, but also mentally. I also learned not to jump to conclusions but along with it, I have developed a negative trait of being doubtful to others. My sense of trusting people diminishes and my introvert sense grew wider as I shut almost everyone out and lose my confidence — thus, the fewer blog posts and even sharing posts on social media.

Resilience in me grew more when I hit the rock-bottom this year — financially, physically, mentally and emotionally. I was drained of all hope and my depression is on the verge of wrecking havoc but I was able to get out of it and became resilient.

Along with resilience is the lesson of knowing my self-worth. This year is full of trials and temptations within our relationship and my partner somehow succumbed. I learned about his infidelity and I became a monster. I was insecure, attacked the third-party via emails and laugh at how ridiculous and coward he is by not facing me — but the reality is, I laugh at myself of how low I went and what I became. A weak monster. Later this year, I was able to bounce back in my career as a Digital Marketing Specialist and little by little, I re-discovered my self-worth and learned that I can still do great things. However, I still have more things to learn — like discipline in managing my health and fitness, not for him but for me.

This 2018, my arms are wide open for a great comeback. I am praying for a happy year, like my 2010 and 2014. Seems like it’s a pattern that I get to be lucky and happier every four years. This year, I will be more visible and active. I will bring back my confidence and will make a name, again. Yes, I am claiming it this time and it will happen.

So, hello 2018. Year of The Dog. I’ve been waiting for you.

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