Sweet Treats from Moonsky & Sunny

If you’re an ice cream lover like I am, you’ll definitely love these sweet treats from Moonsky & Sunny!

Sweet, delightful and mouthwatering — no one can say no to this sweet treat no matter what the weather is!

These are the artisan ice cream from Moonsky & Sunny which I found them here at Sugbo Mercado at Cebu IT Park. Perfect for that must-have dessert for the whole family or after heavy chow dinner with friends

Their ultra creamy ice cream comes with a wide variety of unique flavors you can enjoy.

Matcha Do About Nothing (matcha green tea)
Lemon Lemon Sinta (kalamansi),
Yelly Berry (strawberry and banana)
B-Licious (blueberry)
Panda Mime (cookies and cream w/ Oreo chunks)
Baracky Road (velvety chocolate w/ nuts and mallows)
Fluffle Fluff (chocolate straciatella w/ mallows and nuts)
Milo Locha (malted iced cafe mocha).

Turonation Night (jackfruit, banana, and bits of caramelised lumpia)
Dark Orange (Mandarin-infused dark chocolate)
Say Cheesecake (blueberry, cream cheese, and Graham crackers).

Brownese (cream cheese and brownie)
Banatella (banana and Nutella).

Tried one myself, particularly a kalamansi flavored one with a combination of malted iced cafe mocha, and it’s definitely a big-thumbs up for me.

Go ahead and enjoy a delightful moonsky & sunny ice cream!

You can also follow Bonne Appetit! on my YouTube Channel, CircusTV. Here’s a video of my Moonsky & Sunny experience:

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