Treats To Beat The Summer Heat with Orange Brutus

Treats To Beat The Summer Heat

There’s no denying — summer is here! With the blazing hot weather, we can’t help ourselves but cool down in many ways as possible. And one of the ways to beat the summer heat in the Philippines is with delightful summer treats!

As a tropical country, there are probably more summer Filipino food here than there is in countries with four seasons. And every year, Filipinos are getting more creative in creating treats to help the public cool down without breaking the bank!



One of the most common desserts during summer is Halo-Halo, which actually means “to mix” in English.

It is usually prepared by combining a number of ingredients in a tall glass or tumbler or in a bowl. The common ingredients are sweet beans like red/kidney beans, sweetened jackfruit, sweet yam, sweetened banana slices, gelatin of different colors, coconut meat or macapuno, leche flan, rice crispies, etc. And of course, it won’t complete without a flan and Purple Yam flavored ice cream on top. There are also varieties wherein only fresh fruits are added such as shredded coconut meat, sliced melon, nuts, corn, etc.

Ice Scramble

Another affordable summer treats common in the Philippines is Ice Scramble.

Usually made up of shaved ice which is mixed thoroughly with evaporated milk, banana extract (which gives the Ice Scramble a good and tempting smell), and sugar. Some usually used food color to make it more colorful and attractive to the person who tries to look at it. To make Ice Scramble yummy and beautiful, some added something on the top of it, like powdered milk, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, mini marshmallows, candy sprinkles or rice crispies.



Orange Brutus Shakes

And of course, the list will not be complete without shakes.

Different variants of shakes are made available to quench the public’s thirst for something cool, like these special shakes from Orange Brutus! This summer, their latest addition to their awesome menu are these mouth-watering shakes that come in two flavors: Chocolate Monster and Cookies N’ Cream!


Their Chocolate Monster is definitely a must-try as they actually added their signature Chocolate Cake in their blend that makes it genuinely delicious!

If you’re not into too much sweets, then their Cookies N’ Cream is for you — heck, it’s my favorite, too! They serve as a perfect pair for every meal!

Orange Brutus

Go ahead and try Orange Brutus’ new shakes for only P59, available in all Orange Brutus branches — and oh, you may also check them out at J Center Mall’s Food Center!

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