e bloggers ball cebu

What Makes A Blogger Successful?

What makes a blogger successful?

Is it the number of PR kits you receive? The increasing amount of followers? Or the endless invites to various events?


For me? The answer is neither of those mentioned.


I was recently invited to this big ball — exclusive for bloggers, vloggers, and influencers in the Queen City of the South. There, I met so many familiar faces in the Internet world. And what I experience is the celebration of their success. Walking along the red carpet, meeting and greeting fellow content creators and share insights while honoring each other.

E Bloggers Ball Cebu

Through their wonderful pieces of clothing, they were able to flash their smile as they greet their old friends and earn new ones. It was a beautiful night of good food, good music, and good companionship.

The other day they were just sharing stories whether in written form or in video format. Now, they’re getting invites to one of the hottest parties for top social media influencers in Cebu alone. It has definitely turned bigger than just sharing stories. For sure, I am positive that starting that night, all of them are eager to create more stories to tell, more tips and pieces of advice to share and spread laughs and love.

So, what makes a blogger successful? It’s the happiness that this passion brings.

It was truly an honor to be invited to the first E! Bloggers Ball in Cebu. Thank you E! Philippines and Ever Bilena for the invite to the hottest gathering of social media influencers in the Queen City of the South. 


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